Preorder both decks together!


Both decks include:

- 78 Tarot cards

- Guidebook

- Lidded box with ribbons that fits deck and guidebook for easy travel and attractive display on an altar or bookshelf


Use both decks throughout the month depending on your mood/what spirit calls. Try using Mother on full moon and waxing days, and Dark Days on waning and dark moon days.

PREORDER SPECIAL: Dark Days + Mother Tarot Deck Combo

  • Shipping and Returns: 

    I ship every other week via USPS. Please allow up to two weeks for your tracking number to be sent via email.


    Dark Days Tarot is due to be back in stock on May 15th and Mother Tarot is due to be in stock by September 15th at the very latest. These will ship separately unless you leave me a note to ship them both at the same time.

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