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Created by Wren McMurdo Brignac

78 full-color Tarot cards

180-pg. flip guidebook

Lidded box with ribbon fits deck and guidebook


While creating the Mother Tarot, I drew ideas and inspiration from Earth, birth, and creativity. It is lit with dynamic energy to spur you along your journey. Perfect for waxing creative and full moon days, this square deck is evenly four-sided, allowing the four seasons, four elements, four directions, four phases of the lunar cycle, etc. to be incorporated into interpretations.


It is my hope that this deck offer guidance as we embrace this incredibly dynamic time on our planet, and that maternal figures and creators of all kinds find reverence for themselves and our globe in these cards. Those who are not in parental roles will find themselves reflected just as powerfully if not more. May we discover beauty in our inner worlds with the help of a rainbow of creative archetypes as we walk this changing earth. 

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