*Please note that this deck is in progress! Images are subject to changes as the deck's creation continues.
78-card deck
Extended Tarot guidebook written exclusively by Wren McMurdo Brignac
Lidded box that perfectly houses your deck and guidebook
Inspired by the future of our planet, I am nearly finished with my second deck, the Mother Tarot. In this deck, I draw from my community, fear, and excitement about the unknown ahead, and my child-considering years to connect ideas about humanity and earth.
It is my hope that this deck offer guidance as we embrace this incredibly dynamic time on our planet, and that maternal figures and creators of all kinds find reverence for themselves and our globe in these cards. Those who are not in parental roles will find themselves reflected just as powerfully if not more. May we discover beauty in our inner worlds with the help of a rainbow of creative archetypes as we walk this changing earth.

Check out Mother Tarot Deck card descriptions on the blog to get a sense of the guidebook.

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