• Wren McMurdo Brignac

Tarot Card Spreads Series - Aries Layout

It's Aries season: the season alight with fire. Naturally I've been catching up on my Twin Peaks (Fire, Walk With Me...) when I'm not running up against massive changes at the day job, lighting every kind of incense I can find to clean the house of anxiety, and brushing up on my cardio. My guess is that you can relate to the "violently beautiful" new energy present due to spring, and the astrological new year in Aries.

Aries is the brightest fire of the sun signs. Leo's fire is deep, long, and smoldering, Sagittarius is a big bonfire (perhaps a bit worrying in it's raging playfulness), and Aries is a freshly lit match, just about to fly into a pile of hay. Aries sun signs are the soul-infants of the zodiac. This fire knows only innocence, yet packs a mighty passionate, powerful punch.

I know we are all enjoying the balancing Pisces moon (cool, ancient, tranquil, forgiving, knowing) currently hovering in our sky,* which will be gliding back into Aries and into its deepest black night on Monday, March 26th. What does all of this mean? We are enjoying a little break while the Aries baby sleeps. Soon we will ALL be awake.