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Four Simple and Memorable Tarot Card Spreads - Dark Days Tarot

1.) The first and most simple spread, or Tarot card layout, is the Daily Draw. Use this card to answer a question (avoid yes or no questions), or let it be a message of guidance.

Allow yourself to be objective and seeking in your inquiry. Do not react right away, and avoid any stiffness or rule-making. This is simply a practice of mirroring one's psyche, and collecting any psychic information as it comes up.

a.) Shuffle the cards.

b.) Place the deck on a surface, face down, and spread it out in a fan.

c.) Imagine your question traveling into your hand and let your hand hover over the fan. Chose any card that catches your attention for any reason.

d.) Take a look at the card and infer its meaning to you. Use the prompt in the guidebook to think creatively about its meaning to you.

e.) Let the card's meaning gel in your mind throughout the day.

2. Use the relationship spread in any situation where duality is present and relevant. Repeat the steps above, selecting two cards instead of one. Let the spread be a call to constructive reflection and positive action.

3.) Sometimes it is necessary to observe the metaphors of time to better understand the possiblities in an opportunity or situation. Use the Three-Card Cut spread in any case in which time is of the essence.

Repeat the steps for the Daily Draw, pulling three cards instead of one, and laying them in a consecutive row. Let the cards offer clues as how to how you might more easily bend the outcome in your favor, and consequently in the best interest of the Universe.

4.) We arrive in this very moment carrying layers of previous existence. At times, in order to find our path, we must first understand the root of our current being.

Use the Roots and Destiny spread in order to better understand your karmic destiny in this lifetime, the actions you can take in relation to that path, and the challenges inherent in your journey.

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