How to Read a Square Tarot Card Deck

Firstly, always choose whether the cards are facing you, or a partner.

The 'top' of the card is evident in the imagery, in that it is the top of the card when the card is upright. Use the 'top' of the card as the directional arrow.

Give the cards a directional 'theme' before reading. Is this:

A lunar spread?

A directional (North, South, East, West) spread?

An elemental (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) spread?

Ask the cards a question before using them. Avoid yes or no questions, as they tend to have boring, binary answers.

Take responsibility for your desires and claim personal power by adding an implied action to the question. For example, instead of asking: Will I ever find a mate? Ask: How can I improve my ability to seek a mate?

Remember, Tarot card reading is mostly for play, creative vision, and self-study.

DO NOT take Tarot card reading too seriously. These cards are for getting the metaphysical juices flowing, not worrying about impending doom or dwelling in negativity.

If the top of the card is pointed upright:

This card is a full-moon card: a fully-manifested card,

This direction may also represent acquisition, the direction of north, the element of earth and/or it's corresponding Earth-based zodiac signs, if representing a person or area of life.

If the top of the card is pointed right, this card could be interpreted two ways:

Leaning into the possibility inherent in this card.

It could also, or alternatively, be seen as is a completion and reflection card.

The opposite could be interpreted for a left-facing card, either:

Manifestation, or...


If the card lands upside down, or reversed, the card is either:

A seed of potential not-yet-reached

The birth of the lunar cycle, with newness abound, or...

It is a complete retraction or inaction regarding the cards meaning.

Again, it depends on the question you ask the cards before laying them down. It's important to give the cards context.

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