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Ace of Swords - Minor Arcana Card

Excerpt from Dark Days Tarot Guidebook by Emily Mundy:

Ace of Swords

Like the eyes that loom over this card’s luscious landscape, your mind sees the breadth of potential spreading out before it. After feeling weakened by indecisiveness, you are energized by the abundance of strength and willpower that is now available to you. Your victory over mental strife occurred so suddenly that it may have come as a shock even to you. With this new insight follows an urge to engage personal freedom and break free from previous limitations. The Ace of Swords is closely associated with the mind and private thought processes. Upright indicates a cloudiness of thinking that has been sharpened by a pointed inspiration; reversed, a need to use concentration to eliminate wasteful thinking. The Ace of Swords brings mental power and clarity. You will prosper despite earthly obstacles if you commit your mind to doing so.

Suggested Prompts:

upright: inspiration; spark of courage

right: growth; possibility

left: out-powered

reversed: devastating defeat

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