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Gilded Decks are Coming ~ Full Moon in Taurus

Here's a preview of the newest version of the Dark Days Tarot deck. The new cards are slightly thicker and double-finished for extra resilience. They also feature silver edges, which catch moonbeams and rainbows in light.

This Friday's full moon in grounding Taurus will bring practical energy to our lives, which may feel respite considering the Scorpio intensity bath we've been taking. Taurus invites healthy boundaries, while the full moon invites necessary confrontation. Taurus also enjoys top-shelf taste, so brew your finest tea or libation and try these Tarot tricks this moon:

Tarot Drinking Game:

Choose a word or phrase you might use a lot in your tarot practice. For example, "energy," "life path," and "taking space" are a few of mine. Invite a buddy to join you for a splash of fine whiskey and a reading, both agreeing to take a sip of libation each time the chosen phrase is used.

Tea and Tarot Therapy:

Nothing beats a good potion to set the mood for a conversation. For a meaningful heart-to-heart, shuffle the cards while letting steaming cups steep, making eye contact with your partner and noticing the connection between your eye contact and the cards. Cut or fan the deck and pull a card each. Take turns relating the meaning of the card to your relationship. Use the cards as springboards for breakthroughs in communication. Take turns letting each partner do the shuffling, repeating the process until the conversation is flowing. Set an intention to complete the reading on a positive note, not stopping until you get there. All the while, drink the tea, infusing your body with heat and nourishment to seal the experience.

Creative Tarot:

Sometimes Taurus needs a creative nudge. Use the cards to get your imagination flowing. Set up a creative space like an altar, brewing your tea or pouring a drink. Light candles and incense. Disrobe or wear a garment you feel sensual and protected in. Surround yourself with stones and symbols of freedom and love. Shuffle the cards meditatively, infusing the space with your breath and vibes. Fan or cut the deck and pull a card. Ingest the meaning as it relates to your life, then re-create the archetypal message of the card using your medium of choice, be it dance, painting, writing, speaking, crafting or singing.

For inspiration, find some lunar poems written by my friend Auryanna Holmes below:

Swiftly she rides

In the night's blackest skies

She chases the stars

And bends to the Moon

With the shadows as her cloak

The trees as her guards

The wind her lover

The night her fortress


As the moon draws

There is a current


A forth and fro

A cycle

A calling

A yearning

Joy, and mourning

Exuberance and elation

For things to come

For beauty to die and begin anew

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