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Nine of Swords Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana #9

The Nine of Swords in the Mother Tarot Deck conveys stress and worry, the kind that affects your health if indulged in too frequently.

It reflects the kind of worry that addresses what has been neglected to the point where denial is futile, which is why it's weighing so heavily on your mind.

A forest fire in a world where global warming is a concern is cause for broader worries. The trees feel the anxiety, too. All of us are now akin to this change, the one that feels so vast and huge and already over. So slow and sudden; so real and overtaking. What do we have left but the choice to fight or pray, for we'll need both?

Pay attention, but also take enough action to ease your mind and nerves for the time being. In fact, make that action a new habit, and you're suddenly compounding change for the better, for better or worse.

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