Mother Tarot: Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords | Mother Tarot Deck (releasing in 2020) by Wren McMurdo

The Seven of Swords in the Mother Tarot Deck represents fragmentation. This is an unsustainable state of being spread too thin.

This card comes along to gently encourage you to prioritize. There is only so much the human heart can take at one time. We are endlessly powerful, yet equally as sensitive, and this instinct to feel depressed when overwhelmed serves to keep our energy in check.

Covens are comprised of a select few members for a reason: craft and spirituality are sacred, and sacred space is carefully created by the intent of the individuals inhabiting that space. Focus now on local—rather than global—connection.

Understanding how to navigate in an increasingly overpopulated world is indeed more and more of an issue, as ironically, the more populated the world becomes, the lonelier and more left out we can end up feeling.

One does not need to be hyper-influential in order to be divinely connected. Rather, it is most often those living, breathing real-life interactions which shape our souls. Do not allow yourself to think for a moment that we are now living in a virtual world. Actual reality is very much available to us. Take advantage!

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