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13 - Death Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana Card XIII

Death Tarot Card | Mother Tarot Deck by Wren McMurdo

In the Mother Tarot Deck, the Death card refers to transition. It refers to a moment of permanent change, and also to the processes of decay and composting, which extend far beyond the time of transition.

Further beyond a death lies the web of connectedness that that being, relationship, job, endeavor, or energy impacted, and the waves of influence each small and major transition casts.

To embrace Death is to embrace the understanding that you are connected to the Universe. You will dissipate. You acknowledge that your flesh is made of stars, which die, also. You feel connected to it all—captured by it. Submissive as opposed to conquering.

When this card appears in a reading, remember to properly compost discarded energy or matter to generate good healing energy. Compost requires a balance of elements, air to breathe, and time. The same goes for a major transition.

Death may indicate a grave need for rest. Sleep is known as the "little death" that we experience every day (deities willing).

Remember your beautiful mortality. Feel the utter and intense gratitude that fills the soul upon remembering it. With this "death," live life more fully and lovingly, especially towards yourself.


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