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Queen of Swords Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card

The Queen of Swords in the Mother Tarot Deck is our inner foot being put down, the seeing of what cannot be unseen, the unleashing of self-love. She is focused via discernment, raw sexuality, and directed emotion. This Queen is fierce in her mental clarity. Prompted by triggers to create a safer universe for herself, she stands for security and freedom simultaneously.

Thoughts whisper, stoking the fire within. Many layered thoughts mixed with emotional triggers lead to chemical reaction. Fed by disillusionment and raised consciousness, the QoS creates space for herself to grow. She lives in the moment, allowing non-confrontational tears and mild ritual indulgence. This dipping is cataclysmic, casting spells of mind and body.

The truth is heating and biased by design, usually served with a side of cognitive dissonance. Those veils lift when this Queen reins. Wars and wounds exposed, she leads the ranks within to higher ground. Marred by experience, protectively scarred, and limber from release.

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