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How Full Moons and New Moons Affect Us

Ace of Wands Dark Days Tarot Deck

With the exception of the sun, our beautiful moon has the greatest visibly physical, not just metaphysical, impact on our lives compared to any other sacred orb in our solar system. We wouldn’t have tides and therefore a completely different weather system without her.

She infuses soil with sacred darkness, and delivers dreams that are wild. Mushrooms follow her like sunflowers as she glides across the black sky.

It’s hard to define how Venus might impact justice, balance, and beauty here on Earth, or that Mars would have an energizing effect when aligned with certain birth chart details, or even that Mercury Retrograde could cause disturbances in communication.

But it’s incredibly apparent to everyone that the moon has a significant impact on Earth in a way that mirrors our four seasons and other cycles in nature.

This is why witches of all kinds follow the phases of the moon, and why Dark Days Tarot is devoted to the darkest days of her cycle.

Page of Cups Dark Days Tarot Deck

Why Full Moons and Dark Moons affect the Weather

A full moon can impact the weather on Earth. During full and dark moons, high tides are higher and low tides are lower. This causes more dramatic temperature changes. This in combination with high winds, stormy weather intensifies.

Because the moon affects the height of land on beaches and shores, these small changes can cause shifts in volcanic activity and earthquakes.

Why the Full Moon Affects Tides

The Moon’s gravitational pull is much less powerful than Earth’s, but it still has a huge impact on our planet. Quarter moon phases come with less dramatic tidal shifts, while dark and full moon days cause bodies of water to swell.

This expansion may translate to other bodies of water including our own physical form which is primarily water. This swelling can translate into heightened emotions and fluctuating energy levels.

Queen of Cups Dark Days Tarot Deck

Can Full Moons (and Dark Moons) Affect Periods?

Ages ago I read the Red Tent by Anita Diamant. In this biblical-era story, menstruators and those giving birth were relegated by law to a red tent. They shared their stories and hearts with each other in this tent.

It was while reading this book that I learned that women and others with wombs followed the lunar cycle with menstruation occurring at the dark moon, and ovulation occurring at the full moon.

Our moon impacts fertility and the survival of newborns by syncing menstruators’ cycles and therefore when one nursing parent can’t nurse, there’s usually someone else who is nursing and able to share.

This would explain all of the heightened sexual attraction we experience on Earth at the full moon. Due to hormonal contraceptives and our stressful lifestyles, this syncing pattern has greatly diminished, but the moon’s pull continues.

The Dark Moon as a Teacher

Full and dark moons are known for causing heightened emotions, and this tracks when you consider the moon’s gravitational pull on entire oceans.

After reading the Red Tent, I read Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup. In this book I learned the vibration of dark moons has a studied impact on our bodies. Sexual energy will be lower, and depression might creep in as we come to realize all that is missing in our lives.

This translates into the lives of menstruators to what is known in the sterile medical community as a kind of Premenstrual Syndrome. Many times, menstruators are put on birth control pills and antidepressants for this phenomenon. She goes on to explain that this depression is linked to real world needs and desires that still need to be addressed.

Nine of Wands Dark Days Tarot Deck

The dark moon brings this same kind of energy for everyone regardless of your reproductive parts. You may have noticed that on darker moon days, you might be more apt to take a nap or read a book…or cry. This is healthy and indicates your connection to the moon.

This is a good time to read Tarot cards, especially the Dark Days Tarot, which is inspired by dark moon days. It’s also a good time to plant seeds, journal, drink tea, and practice yin yoga, among other peaceful things.

Why Full Moons are Important

To use the dark moon and the heavier feelings it brings as a signaling period instead of a cursedly sad time can bring gifts at the full moon if action is taken.

The full moon brings energy and elation. Emotions will be similarly heightened, but in a different way. The full moon is for realizing and feeling grateful for life, Earth, and the natural bounty we enjoy. It is a good time to devote energy to goals, whereas the dark moon is a good time to devote energy to realizing those goals.

The full moon is a good time to read Tarot cards in order to help organize some of the swirling thoughts that can come at this time of the month. I recommend pulling out your Mother Tarot Deck, which takes inspiration from full moon days.




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