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How to Charge Your Tarot Deck

How to Charge Your Tarot Deck | by Wren McMurdo

Astrological peaks and valleys, like full moons, dark moons and eclipses, are ideal for to "charging" your Tarot deck and other magical items. To charge something magically is to apply strategic intention to it in a ritualistic fashion. If you have heard of charging your crystals, know that charging a Tarot deck is similar.

Tarot cards respond well to charging because of the tactile and kinetic nature of their use. Because they must be touched, shuffled and moved about means cards require charging, to align them with fresh intention, from time to time.

Here are some of my preferred charging methods:

Rising Charge

Like a loaf of rising bread, leave your deck in a sacred charging spot where you can “knead” (shuffle) it each hour, giving it your magical power with your hands, for one waking day. This charge is best when you’re taking a day of rest at home or in retreat. At the final hour before sleep, shuffle one final time and draw a spread for yourself. Enjoy your tended-to deck.

Chaos Charge

If the spirit moves you, give your deck a wild all-over shuffle. Pour it on a surface and, using both hands, swirl the cards with enthusiasm. Heck, shuffle them straight into the air.

If you’ve got a solid deck and a space that wouldn’t allow cards to easily go missing if flung, a game of 78-card pickup or two might be just the ticket to give your deck a fresh charge. This aligns the cards with universal consciousness and charges them with an exciting sense of potential.

This method is particularly lovely for refreshing and charging passed-on, hand-me-down or used decks because they’re likely to have a touch of character already, so if a card gets dinged in the midst of your play, you're less bound to notice.

Lunar Charge

Place your deck under a full or dark moon overnight. Your placement may be indoors or out. Both moons carry strong vibrations that oppose each other in nature. Full moons give the deck heightened magical energy while dark moons align it with intuitive forces.

Perform a reading with the deck the morning after.

Isolation Charge

Magical items benefit from sleep, be it for a night, a week or longer. If you find yourself using the cards excessively or getting anxious about their messages, try giving your deck a period of sleep before lovingly returning to it.

Adorn it with flowers, wrap it in dreamy material or give it a special nook. Give it a crystal bed, or a coffin; something it likes. I will feel different when you return, especially if you laid it to rest with love.

Sound Charge

Speak to your deck. Tell it your story. Chant to your cards while holding them. Sing to your deck if it pleases you or releases an aching soul within to do so. Place your deck under a drum or on top of a piano whilst playing the instrument. Place it on a blaring boombox or in front of a TV playing a specifically chosen film if drastic measures must be taken. Do so for five minutes or more. This charge is especially useful when conducting high-importance readings.

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