Wren McMurdo Brignac

Illustrator & Creator

Welcome, I’m Wren, a digital illustrator creating art for divination and mental health. I’m inspired by the moon, Earth, celestial bodies, astrology, the botanical world, animal kingdom, nudity, bodies, queerness, mental and emotional wellness, and sexuality.

Dark Days Tarot began as Dark Days Chocolate in 2015, a medicinal herbal chocolate company that included a "Dark Days" comic strip with every tin of confections. The name was inspired by the shadowy last days of the lunar cycle, a typical time for reflection, deepened intuitive knowledge, and menstruation for those who bleed. 

While illustrating a comic strip for my chocolates, I realized the frames were speaking to me like Tarot cards. As a pagan, I'd been reading Tarot cards for myself for years. Within the container of a reading, I’m able to think broadly and honor my emotions. The ritual of reading cards creates a safe space for my mind to heal and contextualize information.


Feeling more passionate about illustration than chocolate, I pivoted away from the food industry and released Dark Days Tarot on Kickstarter in 2017. This deck is a tribute to the wisdom in darkness. It is designed for empaths, those who feel a wide range of emotions, those going through challenging times, and those who feel a strong connection to the moon. 


This year I'm preparing to launch Mother Tarot, a deck about Earth, birth, creativity. Being a tribute to Earth, it's also about climate change—a sensitive subject we could all use support in contextualizing.

I hope my art helps you tap into your parasympathetic nervous system, see things intuitively, dive into reflection, spark your creativity and psychic gifts, and adapt to this changing world. 

I live in Seattle with my huswife Schquay, Maltipoo Bonni, and parakeets Julia Roberts and RuPaul.​

Contact: wren@darkdaystarot.com.

​Instagram: @wren_aissance

Photo by Kiki Robinson.

Meet my beautiful spouse, Schquay. She h
Schquay Brignac

Business Consultant

Schquay Brignac is my spouse. She has over twenty years of entrepreneurial experience, and when she's not brokering a real estate deal in the King County, Washington area, she's kicking ass on the basketball court or golf course.

We met in LA when I was going to school for fashion design and she was a designer of androgynous sportswear.



Emily Mundy_edited.jpg
Emily Mundy

Dark Days Guidebook Co-Author

The Dark Days Tarot Guidebook was co-written by Emily Mundy. 


Emily’s writing practice orbits around a reverence for the odd and the uncanny, and investigates the intricacy of connection, the idiosyncrasy of thought, and the invigoration of spirit.  She resides in Seattle, Washington, with a growing collection of dried flower bouquets, her two cats, and one beloved typewriter.


Contact: emilymundy93@gmail.com