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Wren McMurdo Brignac resides in Seattle with her "hus-wife"

Schquay Brignac and parakeets Julia Roberts and RuPaul. 


Wren channeled her connection to the moon and its phases, with a special emphasis on nurturing dark and new moon days, to create the Dark Days Tarot Deck.


She is currently channeling existential angst met with baby fever, love for her queer community, and her reverence for Mother Earth to create her sophomoric deck, the Mother Tarot (coming in 2020).

She is a highly sensitive person, an empath, and a self-instructed solitary pagan witch.


Contact: wren@darkdaystarot.com.


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Photo by Kiki Robinson.

Illustrator & Creator

Wren McMurdo Brignac
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The Dark Days Tarot Guidebook was co-written by Emily Mundy


Emily’s writing practice orbits around a reverence for the odd and the uncanny, and investigates the intricacy of connection, the idiosyncrasy of thought, and the invigoration of spirit.  She resides in Seattle, Washington, with a growing collection of dried flower bouquets, her two cats, and one beloved typewriter.


Contact: emilymundy93@gmail.com

Dark Days Guidebook Co-Author

Emily Mundy

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