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Garden Spread Scarf / Altar Cloth
  • Garden Spread Scarf / Altar Cloth

    Inspired by the magic of the garden, this Tarot spread cloth acts as a sacred space maker for your spreads. Use it also to gently wrap your cards when they're not in use.


    The Oregon screen-printed illustration features ferns, roses, and flowers born in the imagination as well as spirits/essences of the earth and wind. Black is associated with skill and mastery, the universe, psychic mediumship, shadow work, and ancestors. The black scarf is a match for decks and readings of this nature.


    Gold and yellow colors are associated with wealth illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, happiness, and wisdom. Use the gold scarf during and between readings to draw in this type of energy. Black or Gold with white ink 100% cotton bandana fabric


    Silk screened in the PNW

    21'' square


    Shipping and returns:


    Please allow up to 11-14 days for your tracking number to be sent via email. Returns are accepted up to 30 days past your shipment delivery date. I ask that you pay for return shipping if the product isn't damaged upon arrival.

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