• Wren McMurdo Brignac

New Moon In Taurus - Energetic Spring Cleaning

Taurus, the energy of today's dark moon, grounds us in the beauty of reality. He asks us to be firm in our conviction to be a forces that support, rather than destroy Earth, Taurus’s element. In order to do so, we must face the reality that we are Earth’s destroyers, so that we may shift our behavior, and more solidly align with nature in any way that we can. Facing the “dark side” is merely facing fears; the unknown. That which we know but do not acknowledge becomes stale and erratic energy, and enough of that energy can destroy and entire planet Earth. Let us not go down without a fight, shall we?

On this dark moon day, as you gaze at your cards, or a candle, or a blank wall, or whatever you need (just not your phone), face some denial within your human brain. What are you not saying? What are you holding in the pit of your stomach? What are you holding in your intestines and lungs? What are you holding in your literal and proverbial closets and garages and attics? What is holding you back from contributing? Be gentle, but go deep. Taurus encourages deep thinking, and long, meaningful conversations, either alone or with company.

To celebrate tonight's full moon in Taurus, try this ritual to release denial, and other stale or erratic energy, in order to better contribute to nature's healing:

1.) Write down three to ten things you haven’t said out loud for any reason.

2.) Say those things out loud into a safe vessel: tell them to a mirror, tell them into a jar that you then close up and smash with a hammer, scream them into a pillow then punch the pillow, maybe whisper them into your dog's ear (be responsible with what you say to others) then throw something for your dog to bound after.

3.) Fold the paper three times away from you. Burn it up, outside, under the sky.

4.) Light a scent, and play any song you want that makes your body move. Imagine the things you said out loud dissipating and breaking up -- transforming into moving energy -- out through the ends of your hair while you dance for the entire song. Sing aloud with the lyrics or melody, if inspired.

5.) To close, Eat and/or drink something indulgent while closing your eyes and imagining the Earth coming back to life after ages of human torture. (Taurus season encourages "top-shelf," yet eco-friendly taste.)

I drew two Tarot cards for you in relation to today's dark moon in Taurus:

The Four of Swords: release; rest; contemplation; stepping back for a moment

Dark moon days are for resting, contemplating, journaling, ritual, restoration, meditation, and reflection.

The Ten of Pentacles: home; legacy; business; success in life and finances

Taurus energy is Earthly, successful, stubborn, steadfast, kind, and contemplative. Clear away silly fantasies and enjoy the pleasures of now. Attract success by BEING success. Proper housekeeping is invaluable now.

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