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Three of Cups - Minor Arcana Tarot Card

Below is an excerpt from the Dark Days Tarot Guidebook by Emily Mundy:

Three of Cups

Cheers to the sweetness and richness of life-giving friendships! Your chosen family is bonded in a way that allows for the consistent circulation of positively creative energy in your connective lives – a cause for celebration indeed. Have a toast with those that nourish and inspire you, put the pin on favorite records, laugh loudly from the belly into the early hours of the morning, tell secrets, tell jokes, talk through grand plans you’ve all got for the future. Fine friends deserve fine times together.

Suggested prompts:

upright: success; connectivity; strong bonds

right: potential; budding friendships

left: nominal engagements; social quietness

reversed: excess; misconnection; loneliness

Three femme mermaids laugh and share time together, their tails swirling in circle of beautiful friendship, their faces creased with smile lines. Their bonds form a natural coven, boosting the vibration of each of the other figures.

The Three of Cups represents friendship and community, fun-having, mischief, even. This card reminds the Querent that being in touch with our emotions includes the emotion of happiness.

Glee, love, togetherness, laughter, life pleasures, vacationing, memories and celebration are the themes of this playful cups card. Let this card be a cue to tap into your well of gratitude for your best friendships. Make plans to spend more time together.

This card can refer to a literal person joining the mix, be it a new lover, a first born child to complete a new family, a caregiver or givers aiding in healing or transition, or simply the addition of new or revived friendship.

I illustrated this card with my own friendships in mind. Beginning in childhood, I’ve often found myself in friend-groups of three, my personal power zone for close bonding. Triads form a kind of supple stability, and emphasize each individuals’ strengths.

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