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The Lovers - Major Arcana Tarot Card #6

The Lovers Tarot Card - Dark Days Tarot

Below is an excerpt from the Dark Days Tarot Guidebook by Emily Mundy:

VI. The Lovers

The Lovers intertwine in body and mind, consummating a union of opposites and an opening-up to a greater sense of inner wholeness. Together they represent all duality inherent to our universe, coursing through the tendrils of the world, imbedded in our bodies. The couple upright tells you that basic dichotomies can be resolved in the aligning with another. The fiery drive you have to understand another person can pull you to reassess yourself and round the parts to you that feel sharply disharmonious. Perhaps you are just beginning to see these connections in the world and in others (facing right). Left-facing lovers represent androgyny, a balancing of the both. If the pair is upside-down, it might be time to look at what lacks communication in your life and to decide which fissures need fixing.

Suggested prompts:

upright: union; uniting opposites; harmony; love

right: creating connections; inviting communication

left: androgynous energies; balancing

reversed: egocentricity; separation

The Lovers Tarot card - VI features a writhing couple of beings with powerful, undulating mermaid-tails heads, merely human no more in their act of love. Their bodies represent Earth, their mermaid-tail heads the watery flow of touch.

Their bodies move on a bed of rose-wands, representing air and manifestation, while their act of love represents the fire of desire. As mirrors of the Universe, we desire to be desired. We desire relevance, power, confidence, and the explosive power of adoration, as does the entire Universe.

Dark Days Tarot is a femme-friendly deck, inviting a healthy, safe, and indulgent relationship with sexual possibility. This card is an invitation to discover magical pleasure in connection with self, others and the Universe. Love is an action and privilege known to deities like you. There is nothing so profound as vulnerability met with authenticity.

This card is additionally a prompt to explore androgyny and gender fluidity. When I draw this card, I ask myself: How can I play with my gender (femme, masculine, in between, both, or other) in my relationships and life?

Play with the idea of opposites, same-same, or simply play. Using attitude, intention and dress, apply gender to yourself like paint to a canvas. Be a child, digging through the dress-up box.

I'll be adding new posts about specific tarot cards and their meanings every week. Explore here.

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