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The Chariot - Major Arcana Card #7

Excerpt from Dark Days Tarot Guidebook by Emily Mundy:

VII. The Chariot

This Major Arcana card, associated with Cancer, appears to assure the querent that victory will be obtained in a conquest by asserting their confidence and control. You’ve got the reigns, you have the advantage of leveraging, and you will triumph over forces that are trying to limit you. The stride toward the ideal end can be as satisfying as the actual moment of attaining it. So, assert yourself, be bold, and use your own willpower as a mechanism of travel. The Chariot can also represent the obverse: the querent may feel as if they have little control in the steering of their own lives as they’ve lost control to opposing forces and are now at their mercy. While losing power can be demoralizing, the key is to clearly identify what you can and cannot control. Start with what energies are at your fingertips. You won’t always be pushed and pulled by unbridled winds.

Suggested prompts:

upright: good grip on the reigns; proper use of control; will-power; momentum

right: increasing stride; effective course of action

left: stationary stability; locational contentment

reversed: lack of direction; loss of control; aggression toward others’ ideas

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