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Knight of Pentacles - Minor Arcana Card

Excerpt from Dark Days Tarot Guidebook by Emily Mundy:

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles guides persistence in projects, the order of necessary routines, and minding of business matters. The stag represents a grounded nature in the querent, one that affirms the nobility of perseverance and commitment to work that will provide an eventual, gleaming pay-off. This card reminds the querent to revere life as an evolving entity. Sometimes the overarching dream can only be achieved with keen attention to the present; sometimes, mundane routine requires a rustling in activity to spark creation. If the card is reversed, for instance, you may be encouraged to yield to your whims and inspirations. Rip up the time card, don’t look at your to-do list. There is both a time for grounded vigilance to routine, and a time to invite the wild and unpredictable.

Suggested prompts:

upright: grounded guide; vigilance in present work ethic

right: productivity; steady creative practice

left: ineffective rigidity; inner-pressure

reversed: creative craving; necessary spontaneity

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