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Seven of Cups - Minor Arcana Card

Excerpt from Dark Days Tarot Guidebook by Emily Mundy:

Seven of Cups

To daydream is to indulge a reverie while awake. With increasing abundance of ideas and the wave of emotions that follow, it can be easy to release your conscious thoughts into the cloudy realm just above the brain. Here, you are free muse and mull over, free to fiddle with your own fate. But as you ponder the gamut of possibilities for yourself, ensure to allot time for contemplation. Concentration is crucial to clearing cyclical thoughts and old habits. Inversed, the Seven of Cups deems the daydream illusory. However strongly you feel inclined to manifest the images floating in your dreamy, conscious realm, a refinement of desires is in order. Waiting, then, is advised.

Suggested prompts:

upright: imagination; self-reflection

right: wonder; pondering

left: hurry; distraction

reversed: delusion; instant gratification

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