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Six of Swords - Minor Arcana Card

Excerpt from Dark Days Tarot Guidebook by Emily Mundy:

Six of Swords

The Six of Swords thrusts you swiftly down an unrestricted course. You know that in order to proceed forward, you must leave something important or some part of yourself behind. This is a time to strongly navigate the intense turmoil, to pull through and beyond the sadness of detachment. Your rite of passage is a good omen, querent, and soon the sense of loss will be replaced by a renewed acceptance of change and into a new terrain. Inverted, this card indicates a dread to transition. No matter how hard you try to escape the past, it keeps catching up with you. Consider this a sign to stop resisting change. Lean into the urges, stir the soot, indulge the impulse. Forward is the movement these days.

Suggested prompts:

upright: rite of passage; difficult but necessary transition

right: a move toward greater peace; a promising journey

left: case of the blues; lack of motivation

reversed: challenges moving on; resistance to change or uprooting

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