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Ten of Swords - Minor Arcana Tarot Card

Below is an excerpt from the Dark Days Tarot Guidebook by Emily Mundy:

Ten of Swords

You have heaved your heavy burden to a high place but the steep ascent to the mountain’s peak still faces you. Your exhaustion breeds doubt and you question the worth of your own journey, but —there is hope to climb from the lower self into a higher sense of being. Only one aspect of you is weary, hampered; your strong spirit stands free and ready to rise. In relation to the direction of the card, a new set of goals is necessary along with a bolder attitude and stronger objective. By arduous means, push yourself toward the peak and you’ll be sure to find inspiration on the horizon of your expanding potential.

Suggested Prompts:

upright: a challenge, a climb; a burden that faces you

right: stress; difficult circumstances

left: temporary gain or success; stride

reversed: coming to the end of a journey; almost over

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