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Dark Moon in Leo - New Moon Solar Eclipse

This upcoming monster moon in Leo feels like quite an event! I’m taking baths and pulling cards to keep calm and reflect. I feel like I’m about to be born again this dark moon, like I’ll peck my way out of an egg. It feels good and energetic, and also a little scary.

My anxiety seems fitting for this dark moon because of its incredible power. It will completely eclipse the sun in many parts of North America, appearing to those in its path as a blazing black ball in the sky. It will be horrifyingly beautiful, like a heavenly blink of a celestial eye on fire.

This will complete our two-part series of Leo new moons this year. Doubles in astrology hold double the significance. This is especially true for folks who are very “tuned-in” or sensitive to the lunar cycle. Whereas the new moon on the 23rd of July themed around strength via love and compassion, this moon highlights soul-driven leadership. Leading by example is a very “Leo” trait. What kingdom or community do you naturally lead? Leo new moons are also an opportunity to acknowledge your accomplishments.

I’m looking at this moon numerically in congruence with Tarot cards for a guided view of this moon’s potential energy. I’m suggesting ritual to inspire my manifestation practice, and yours. The date of the dark moon is 8-21-17. 8=Strength (or Justice, depending on your deck), 21=the World, and 17=the Star. I also derived the number 3 (the 21st translates to 2+1, which equals 3): the Empress. I’m noticing the element of fire (Leo, solar eclipse, blazing black ball) as the primary element of this moon, as well as opposites: moon/water eclipsing fire.

So, we have: Strength, Justice, the World, the Moon and the Empress to guide us through this fire/water dark moon solar clap. Consider the following interpretations and ritual if one or more of these cards appear in your new moon in Leo readings.

Strength: This card appeared at the last new moon in Leo. She signifies grace, cunning, resilience, mindfulness, and the power of compassion. This new moon will again draw out our strengths as did the last new moon. This one asks us to recognize the leadership we’ve cultivated naturally, and acknowledge ourselves for our power. Suggested ritual: exercise vigorously for at least 20 minutes. Reserve some of your sweat in a glass or vial. Meditate with the vial in your right hand, imagining lion-like strength traveling through your the earth, to your heart, to your hand and into the vial. Meditate like this for 11 minutes, then feed it to an edible herb plant that affirms femme strength, such as rosemary. Place this plant nearby the kitchen so you can cook with that energy, recycling and renewing your intention over time.

Justice: This card equals retribution, karma collected, and the examination of integrity. You may find yourself paying off debts or receiving a return on something you’d lost or loaned. Leadership will be challenged for unjust behavior on a local and global scale, and rearranging will commence. Opportunities abound in this glorious Justice-Leo energy. These are super-witch vibes, so don your finest flying cloaks and go where duty calls. Suggested ritual: perform an act of service with the goal of manifesting a gold or turquoise-hued energy field. If you’re unable to see auras, wear or use these colors or simply keep them present in your imagination as you work. They will support your ability to heal.

The World: The entire planet will feel an adjustment this new moon. Our global community calls for bravery and righteousness. This will be an awakening to the forces of nature. Earth continues to have her say in the conversation! Suggested ritual: place a small crystal ball in a bowl of water and place outdoors in the sun or moonlight for a full 24 hours near or during the dark moon. Afterwards, hold the crystal ball in your left hand while meditating for 21 minutes. Free write in your journal about what you discover. Offer the crystal elixir to the Earth by sprinkling over flowering plants.

The Star: The Star card represents 2017. This card is here to inspire us to sink deeply into our spiritual practices as we survive and thrive despite the oft-horrific behavior of global leadership. This dark moon solar eclipse may seep into the roots of unjust systems, revealing weaknesses in their integrity that lessen their influence.

The Star invites a pure perspective that may be void of ambition. Consider the infant/child archetype, weaving magic through communities by simply being, smiling and laughing. Additionally, Mercury is currently in retrograde, so indulge in the late summer with ease in your heart. These are the dog days of summer in the northern hemisphere, perfect for being naked, lounging and meditating like a lion basking blissfully in the sun until we go direct in early September.

We must continue to rise, rise, and rise again in our healing roles. The world needs us super-witches to be our best selves, whether we accomplish our goals in this lifetime or not. Suggested ritual: use this moon to catapult a new spiritual practice that’s all your own. Light a pink, violet or white candle while making a commitment to perform a regular act that enhances your spiritual connectedness. This can be as simple as putting a reminder in your phone to take three deep breaths three times per day, or to donate to Black Lives Matter each month. The idea is to develop spiritual discipline that’s simple, bound to succeed, and elevates your compassionate integrity.

The Empress: Matriarchs rise again. This dark moon will give birth to a new wave of femme power. Patriarchy beware. Creative energy that comes from deep within will unfold like a lotus flower. Suggested ritual: make an offering to your grandmothers. Visit them with blessed tea or offer them tea on your altar. Speak to them from your heart.

Use this new moon to tap into your strengths. Try creating your own rituals if you’ve not tried before. Find sacred leadership within. This is a wild new moon with dynamic energy that will likely shake things up. Let yourself indulge in the reality of creating your fantasy self.

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