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The Magician - Major Arcana Card #1

Excerpt from Dark Days Tarot Guidebook by Emily Mundy:

I. The Magician

The Magician, associated with the number of purpose and will, acts as a bridge between the spirit and human world. Typically, this card appears when you possess creative power and energy to create a new cycle of life for yourself. You are able to utilize your talents and skills, your charm and deep concentration to manifest your desires or make a transformation. The Magician reflects that the querent has power and influence over the immediate environment and surrounding circumstances. The querent also has a magical, imaginative quality of mind—they are able to picture what they most want, in detail and color, and manifest it. Tilted right, this card illustrates the power of the mind as a tool to influence the natural forces around us; tilted left, this card urges you on the path to understanding and appreciating natural laws so you may be a more positive force in co-creating your surroundings. This card in reverse reflects misuse of individual power and egocentric control of influence.

Suggested prompts:

upright: power of manifestation; creative concentration

right: resourcefulness; skill; culminating talents

left: brainstorming; exploration of abilities

reversed: latency; poor planning; manipulation of self-power

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