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Gemini-Inspired Tarot Reset

Gemini’s symbol is the twins, who helped bathe our psyches in cleverness and mirroring energy with yesterday’s supermoon that fell under the twin-based sign. Dualities, contrasting conundrums, and clever back-and-forth banter with friends may have been present. Deeper love connections began as seeds yesterday, as did high-quality creative ideas. Trust that what came up under the super-lunar vibration was rooted in pure universal genius.

In addition to the wild full moon, Mercury turned retrograde yesterday, making this a terrible time to sign contracts and a wonderful time to return to a possibly-neglected spiritual practice. Use the month of December to pick up your Tarot deck again if it’s been collecting any dust. If it hasn’t been, consider reading for others if you aren’t accustomed to doing so.

Return to any neglected healthful practice, for that matter. Your spirit requires a steady body and mind to maintain its benevolent presence in the world. Use the dualistic energy of yesterday’s catapulting moon to restart or reimagine a self-care routine that benefits your spiritual health. It doesn’t need to be very time consuming, just regularly scheduled. Put your practice in your calendar to cast it as a spell.

To get started again on a neglected Tarot practice, consider the following ideas inspired by yesterday’s full supermoon in Gemini:

1. Talk to your Tarot deck. Gemini loves to speak intelligently, so have a conversation with the cards. “What is your name today, deck?” “What is the collective energy in the world this morning?” “How do I make a positive impact on planet earth today?” Vocal chords send vibrational magic into your heart as well as your deck. Pull cards and let the deck answer your inquiries.

2. Dance the Tarot. Gemini is a kinetic sign, loving movement and dynamism. Pull a card, pick a song to match its message, then express the card’s message with your amazing body. This would be a lovely practice to make regular.

3. Use the Tarot in bed. Pull a card, then use the card to find fantasy with which to explore on your own or with partners. Take turns if working with partners.

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