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Dark Moon in Sagittarius - A Tarot Christmas Carol

It has been said by some in the magical community that full moons are ideal for practicing healing while dark moons are ideal for practicing magic. What magic do you wish to practice for yourself and your community at this jovial dark moon in Sag?

I was recently given a prompt to write my own version of characters in A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. Automatically drawn to the archetypes in Tarot, I found it memorable to apply the cards’ meanings to this tale.

In the Dark Days Christmas Carol, narrator Charles Dickens is played by the Hierophant, major arcana card #5, representing collective consciousness.

Scrooge is played by the Emperor, major arcana card #4. This would be a story of the Emperor having lost his way. In the Tarot this character isn’t necessarily miserly or heartless like Scrooge, but wealth and power leave him vulnerable to the plights of heavy responsibility.

Bob Cratchit is played by the Star (pictured above), major arcana card #17. This femme is pious and generous, devoted to her family and spiritual work. She works for Emperor Scrooge’s enormous company, but she’s underpaid and needs to support her wife and family of adopted children.

The Star Bob Cratchit’s wife, Emily Cratchit, is played by the Queen of Cups. This femme rescues children and animals from abusive conditions, offering chosen family magic and maternal love to those in need within her midst. This Queen represents protection, earth and the bounty of nature and love.

Tiny Tim is played by the Fool, major arcana card #0. A mystical child filled with innocence, fearlessness and optimism, she’s the part of the human spirit that carries on, somehow unfettered by past and future ails.

Jacob Marley is represented by dreamily handsome Judgement, major arcana card #15. He is the celebrity angel who partnered with Emperor Scrooge in building a lofty fortune. His hair and eyes swirl with ghostly mistiness as he warns his former partner of impending spirit visitations.

The Ghost of Christmas Past is played by the High Priestess, major arcana card #2, a beautiful woman of later years. Her bodacious head of hair swirls with curls and past lives. She leads Emperor Scrooge through two of his bedposts into timelessness, which contains stories of his past played by minor arcana characters.

The Ghost of Christmas Present is played by the three jovial mer-women of the Three of Cups, who arrive laughing and celebrating. They sweep Emperor Scrooge into a party clique and teach him the joyful art of sharing life with others.

The Ghost of Christmas Future is played by the Death, major arcana card #15. This spirit is skeletal and quiet, and guides Scrooge through eerie visions of probable impending doom should his bitter unkindness persist.

Happy holidays, much love and many blessings~

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