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New Year Tarot Rituals

Tarot cards act as insight-inspiring tools your transition from this calendar year to the next.

If you’re reading this before the clock strikes midnight, try bringing the fortuitous Wheel Tarot card to mind at the clock’s final stroke for added luck in the coming calendar year.

If you’re reading this after the new year has begun, add a reference to the Wheel Tarot card, such as the goddess Fortuna, to your altar, vision board, etc.

The new year holiday falls under the sign of Capricorn, inviting a deeper connection with earth, while the full moon on New Year’s Day falls under the lunar-ruled sign of Cancer. Use this opportunity to infuse your deck with lunar magic.

Hold your cards under the full moon, barefoot if you can stand it, feet touching earth as you gaze up. Carefully shuffle and play with your deck, letting lunar magic infuse it with power.

On New Year's Eve or Day, try either of the following Tarot Card Spreads to get you going on deep, intuitive dives:

To solidify a personal ritual, journaling is a powerful tool. If you’re short on time for reflection, create ritual out of the act of shuffling and turning, then take a snapshot of your cards. Revisit the spread with journaling when you return, or just take time to glance at the spread while out and about.

Take note of your mind’s work. Remember that thoughts are insightful tools for self-reflection. They aren’t you–you have them, like heartbeats. Let fears and doubts come and go like clouds. Cast a mental spell or create a mantra in your mind based on what you learn from your observations, such as This is my opportunity to...

The Roots & Tree Spread (pictured below): Where are you coming from, and how can grow from there?

The top middle card represents the core of the new year, and the two cards on either side are action cards, giving flight to the insights you gain from the core card.

The bottom middle card represents the year left behind, and the two bottom wing cards are the roots that have now gone deep into your mind and spirit.

The Five-Year Plan Spread (Below): Inspire this new year and four more to come.

From the card closest to you to the card furthest away, each card represents a year. Use this ritual as a spirit-born springboard for to reaffirm or rearrange your five-year plan.

Pick up your own lunar-inspired Dark Days Tarot deck here.

Many blessings and a happy, insightful new year~

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