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Seven Ways to Prepare for Your Personal Tarot Card Reading

Seven Ways to Prepare for Your Tarot Card Reading | Dark Days Tarot

When life picks up the pace, as it tends to do, Tarot cards help you stay attuned to your core desires, therefore living more in line with the life you wish to lead. However, it can dilute their power to read or have them read too frivolously or casually. They are a tool, and all tools can loose their impact if not used properly. These seven suggestions below are intended to help you amplify the impact of the Tarot readings you receive or give to yourself. This is the sister post to the professionally-focused What's In My Bag? post.

1. Take Tarot more seriously

Tarot and divination is in part a discipline. It teaches the mind and soul to connect, not only to each other but to the minds and souls of others as well. Like meditation, the more you practice reading the Tarot or divining in any fashion, the easier and more profound it becomes. The same goes for recieving readings from others. Readers are a little like therapists, so it's helpful to develop a repeating relationship with one.

For many, reading cards is a seed that grows into spiritual enlightenment. While I’m not suggesting you read them as literally as possible, I am suggesting you commit to your cards. Give yourself guidelines for your practice and follow them. For example, choose and declare that you’ll always have a cup of tea while you read your cards or have your cards read for you, or read only when you have a specific question. Some don’t let others handle or touch their cards. Others might only read cards under certain astrological conditions or during specific coffee dates with a specific person.

While there are no set rules, it’s beneficial to create these healthy situational boundaries for your practice because this effort, you’ll find, will begin to find its way into your everyday life. This is one of the benefits of reading Tarot or oracle cards: a greater sense of healthy boundaries and self-worth.

2. Even Readers Need Readers

Lately I’ve been asking my deck the same question, over and over, and I’m not kidding - I will somehow find and pull the Hanged card over... and over… and over again. In this scenario the Hanged represents being suspended, waiting and growing, of being a vibrational match to a question, rather than a solution, as Teal Swan says. I’m in a questioning loop.

My point is, readers need readers. Develop relationships with favorite readers and schedule with them whenever you run into a blockage.

3. Schedule your reading

By scheduling a reading in your calendar, no matter whether you’re reading for yourself or having your cards read, you cast an anticipation spell on yourself, thereby already shifting the flow of the Universe toward your desires.

You want to feel excited to read Tarot. Treat it like a special occasion, and it will be one. Giving yourself a set period of time to dedicate to the reading helps as well. When the hour is up, put the cards down, for example. I like to schedule my readings late at night, after my wife has gone to sleep. I’ll light a candle and dive in, journalling hand flying as I react to and read the cards.

4. Remove distractions

I see it all the time! Don’t let distractions muddy your reading. Clients agreeing to online readings have a responsibility to themselves to clear their space of children, companion animals, neighbors, buddies and outside stimulation in general.

Party-goers who find themselves with the opportunity to have their cards read on a whim might opt NOT to bring their boyfriend to into their tarot reading because a) that might be a rude position to put a reader in without asking and b) you’re less likely to be authentic and you get less out of the reading.

Make sure you have done the work to create a comfy, calm, distraction-free reading for yourself and it will pay off. This is another way that Tarot and oracle can help to reinforce healthy boundaries.

5. Cleanse yourself, your psyche and your space

Even if you are cuddled in the broom closet to avoid being distracted by the kids, ensure that that broom closet is clean and comfortable. Taking a bath, sitting in meditation for ten minutes or so or even a light snooze would help to loosen the frantic mind.

The idea is to shift your body out of flight-or-fight and into groundedness. Using essential oils such as hyssop and bergamot in your bath will put you in a cleansed and creative space, ready to receive messages. Candles help ease your mind and spirit into a more magical mindset.

6. Support your body

Making sure you’ve had an hour or so to digest any recent meals is a good idea. You might also try engaging in twenty minutes of physical exercise before the reading. Wear socks if it’s chilly. Socks and hats do wonders, helping you to stay cozy and present in the moment.

If you choose to imbibe or toke (this includes cigarettes and nicotine), do so with an intention and do not overdo it. You want to remember your reading, and you also want to show up to a reading as authentically as possible. Honor your deities/the earth with a prayer before sipping or smoking.

7. Bring your baggage

Tarot cards tell the tale of the human experience in archetypes. It’s full of nuances, challenges, twists, turns and repetition. Now, you might feel on top of the world when you sit down to a reading. That’s fine and great. Tarot cards love to tackle life’s challenges, though, so be sure to give them a job.

Thinking that you don’t have anything to “unpack” is an interesting spell unto itself, and Tarot cards may not be a good fit for you. If you don’t “need” a reading, don’t schedule one. It is my experience that even the happiest folks feel drawn to the cards because even happiness and contentment can be a challenge, so if you feel drawn to the cards while all is dandy in life, ask yourself why they’re calling to you now. Bring that information to the reading.

Rememeber to say thank you to the cards (and to the reader if you're not reading for yourself), and try to make a "moment" out of it. Take pause to meditate, journal and generally release the reading into the Universe. It's also a good idea to drink water and eat after a reading to re-ground your energy.

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