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Solitary Tarot to the Rescue

Snoqualamie Falls | Solitary Tarot to the Rescue

The current political climate and dark moon in Cancer provide fertile ground for depth work (most spiritual community members call this “shadow work”), which is the practice of re-programming core beliefs.

By looking honestly at problematic core beliefs, we have the opportunity to choose a new way of thought–one that heals both within and without. It can be difficult to unearth core beliefs because they usually begin in childhood or adolescence.

​What starts as a seed becomes ingrained after years of affirmation from what surrounds.Some beliefs are painful. They may be tied to painful memories, spurring you to disassociate in order to survive.

Beliefs prefer the company of like thoughts, which is why their release feels like they may come with tidal waves attached. These floodgates are rumbling from all corners of the globe. Paradigms are shifting and belief systems are crumbling. There is a lot to unpack.

While it can be healing to examine and re-shape beliefs, it’s important to remember that many are held by the community and not solely by individuals. You may be examining yourself one minute and then examining your entire history, friend group, workplace or family the next.

Working as a community, which is called for during times of great change, can produce a kind of “swept up” feeling reminiscent to losing your footing. Use your solitary Tarot practice as a buoy in thrashing seas. As the world turns, turn inward on the regular.

Dark Days Tarot Card Reading | Solitary Reading

During a particularly heavy morning, I reached for my Tarot deck. The only question I could ask it: what work are we doing? The spread revealed three major themes:

The Hanged:

Taking ownership of beliefs and actions (or inaction) essential to integrity. We may not want to look in the toilet at what we’ve produced, but it will tell us a lot about our insides to do so.

The High Priestess:

We are hearing from our ancestors. Our past lives are showing themselves. They wish to contribute to the conversation.


We are learning to restore our humanity. This requires grace, listening, work, discipline and respect.

The simple act of sitting down with my Tarot cards allowed me to find myself again when I was feeling particularly swept up by the energy of my community. I was able to make grounded observations while staying connected to that energy.

Dark Days Tarot Card Reading | Solitary Tarot Reading by Wren McMurdo

I found beauty. I became enmeshed in the ritual of shuffling, placing and turning cards. My crystals glistened as sunlight peered through the soft shades of my bedroom windows.

I noticed the beauty in the cards and then myself. I pondered the meaning in the cards, and I found links in my understanding that I couldn’t see when I was swirling in the mob. I powdered my nose and did the dishes and went for a walk with my partner.

Then, I got back to work.

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