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Dark Moon Musing: The Star Is the Fire in Your Belly

The Star Major Arcana Tarot card number seventeen, from the Dark Days Tarot by Wren McMurdo

Illustration by Wren McMurdo

Hello readers,

Mediating on The Star card recently, I was inspired to write you a whacky reminder that the light is within you. Winter can bring up a lot of difficult, heavy reflection—which is crucial for growth—but positive, celebratory reflection is its warm counterpart. The Star reminds us that revelation comes through meditation on the core essence of ourselves, and that self-truth can be realized by pausing all that heavy digging and just paying attention to what’s really at our centers. I hope we all take some time to acknowledge how much energy we’ve put into being the brightest version of ourselves this new moon.


We dug ourselves so deep into the belly of our shadows that we could no longer see the light.

We have followed our fear through dark doors, have steeped in deep waters, have banged against every corner of the stealthy subconscious. We have madly engaged with our muses, have fallen into wells with them—we are still climbing out.

We’ve changed the word anxiety to dizziness; lonely to free; overwhelm to congratulations.

We have honored the skeletal gods of winter—the fanciest gods, the ones who loom nonchalantly in haunted attics smoking long cigarettes, who enliven our little towns for a season with dimly lit carnivals of dread. We’ve had dinner with them every night for weeks!

And now? IT’S TIME, PEOPLE. Let the light back in.

It’s time for a brisk walk down the spine, time to strip and dip into the lake of the solar plexus.

After all the digging through dead soil, wash the dirt off. The garden’s been growing invisibly, underneath this emptiness, the whole time. Just like the light has been in your belly, the whole time. Let it creep through the jagged halls again—it will find its way.

It’s time to remind ourselves that revelation can be quiet and meditation can be loud, that self-truth is earned, that we know what we’re made of and how we were made.

That fun phrase the fire in your belly is REAL—we are literally radiating with a complex set of nerve fibers that burst from the center of our bellies and branch out into our main arteries.

There’s no denying it’s within you. IT’S TIME TO HARNESS THE LIGHT.

Emily is co-author of the Dark Days Tarot Guidebook. Purchase a Tarot card and guidebook set here.

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