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Mother Tarot Deck: The Tower

Mother Tarot Deck: The Tower by Wren McMurdo

Sometimes, things fall apart due to natural causes, and at other times due to our own devices. A drunken night's impact on relationships, the accidental destruction of the ozone layer, the election of a reality star—these are things we apathetically accidentally allow to happen.

The impacts of our choices are real, and Mother Nature is real.

...And that's what makes life so exciting! When this card falls in your lap, you know you've f*ed up, or someone has, royally, and expect consequences to head your way. Either that, or MN is having her way with you. Know and understand that life is going to come with (more) tragedy. Come face to face with that fact. Smack your own face if you have to. Not only that, you'll face tragedy at your own hand.

This is the Tarot. It's harsh. It reminds you to be a supple spiritual soldier and a coveter of choices and knowing. All will not be lost until all is lost, and at that point you'll be dead, so chill and face the Tower card like the emotionally-resillent warrior that you are. Your complexity will build from here.

The Mother Tarot Deck is due to release in winter of 2020. Stay tuned via the newsletter link below if you're not already a subscriber to stay on top of my progress on this deck. In the meantime, get aquainted with its sister, Dark Days Tarot.

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