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Eight of Pentacles Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card #8

The Eight of Pentacles in the Mother Tarot Deck captures the essence of an education.

There is learning—which happens all the time—and then there is getting an education. This can happen when one matriculates at an educational institution, and it can also happen when one is in the midst of a paradigm shift.

Have you found yourself completely obsessed with an idea? This idea may be reshaping your entire being. This Eight card encourages this kind of evolution.

Eight carries repetitive energy, so you may find that progress appears slow when it is actually simply incremental (and more sustainable). As a Pentacles card, this Eight references the earth, i.e. stability, survival needs, agriculture, minerals, the physical body, health, etc. This card is here to remind you that patience is a virtue and that it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft. It also reminds you to follow your gut interests in pursuit of these hours.

So dive, dear one! It’s likely that this training will leave you with more aplomb than you thought possible for yourself. Your courage will have been built by your deepened well of knowledge and understanding, rightly earned by doing the work.


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