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Queen of Pentacles Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card

Queen of Pentacles | Mother Tarot (due to release in 2020) illustrated and created by Wren McMurdo

The Queen of Pentacles in the Mother Tarot Deck is our undying Mother Earth. She moves mountains because she is mountainous. She is vast and grand in form and power. Her beauty is a resource. Her groundedness is a resource. Her rocks are a resource. Her connection to air and water are resources.

Mother. Mother, Mother...

It is amazing what you can endure, how our slights against you are simply slights against ourselves, because you will live on after we have rendered you inhabitable for us.

Or will we? Is our fatalistic attitude about our treatment of you based on false beliefs? Will we find a way out of this murky mud, this endless scroll of bad news...are we simply giving into fear and not realizing that the truth is much more promising for the Universe at large? This Queen says step back to see from a grander scale in order to realize your very power.

Gaze mentally at our Mother while you meditate or bathe. Worship her—to realize not what she can give you, but what you can give her.

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