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3 - The Empress Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana Card III

The Empress | Mother Tarot Deck by Wren McMurdo

The Empress in the Mother Tarot Deck is the fairy queen of the deck, commanding laws of nature to do her beautiful bidding. She can be found in morning dewdrops, pubic musk, flirty flowers and astounding sunsets. She is the spring and summer: a blooming spirit. This Empress holds the power to manifest many great things and she brims with the confidence that this is true.

If you've pulled this card in a reading, the Empress is either living in your midst or within you. She implies fertility, be it physical or artistic, and a higher calling. This monarch has been chosen for her connection to the divine. She is the ambassador of Earth, princess of lush soil, queen of the green valley. She serves something higher still than her very self, and this deserves respect.

Explore your calling with queenly confidence as you digest the meaning of this card in relation to your current quest. Are you meant to nurture, create or both? What energy requests your body/soul/mind as a vessel through which to come forth?

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