• Emily Mundy

Dark Moon Musing: The Hermit and the Inner Life

Dark Moon Musing: The Hermit and the Inner Life | illustration by Wren McMurdo Brignac | musing by Emily Mundy

Last week, I actively chose to do something I haven’t done in at least a year: I stopped writing. Before I stopped writing, I went into my notebook and scribbled out what was bubbling over, sloshing around inside me. It was a frenzied entry, acknowledging some painful situations that I needed to face internally (acknowledging also that I needed to receive this pause from myself like I would a gift, to make room for necessary, inward listening). I had to trust myself to remember the details of feelings—to work through and process and sit with—without writing it all down.

So often, the creative practice is inseparably tied up in a practice of being. As creatives, we draw out our material from our surroundings—externally, of course, but also from our internal landscapes. This is where the writer meets the strange realm of the notebook, where th