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  • Wren McMurdo Brignac

Queen of Wands Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card

The Queen of Wands ~ the Mother Tarot Deck by Wren McMurdo

The Queen of Wands in the Mother Tarot embraces her creative force, and in doing so, she(he/they/it) takes responsibility for it. Did you know that an average-aged new mother in the United States has already produced over 22 tons of garbage by the time she’s given birth or adopted her first child? This Queen lays claim over her own evolution within the human story, taking responsibility for waste as well as creativity.

Associated with intent, aesthetics, collective consciousness, and ancestors reincarnated, this Queen’s hands and limbs are Wands of power, as are her strands of hair. She is connected and integrated, understanding the intersectionality of activist movements, and their relativity to her own life and actions. She travels via brain and vocal waves, bringing about that which is requested by the greater good. She creates smartly, with discernment, critical judgement, and attention to detail.

She offers space for ideas to flow forth, be they from this or other realms, therefore she gives voice to ancestral thought. Her ultimate talent is a knack for follow-through, with lack of constraining self-doubt coming in second. Her confidence is natural because her entirety is purpose.

This queen is you or someone in your life who acts as your creative teacher. She may be an ancestor of yours, from this bloodline or another. She may also be a collective of ancestors amassed as one. You are drawn to this being because you are ready for her messages, which come as creative challenges. When this card appears in a reading, honor to an elder or ancestor will multiply your energy.

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