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12 - The Hanged Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana Card XII

The Hanged Tarot Card from the Mother Tarot Deck by Wren McMurdo

It can be difficult to discern your predicament from the perspective of The Hanged. Falling petals and thorns indicate danger and wasting time. Clouds linger, heavy with raindrops. And yet, there is health and cleansing from rain, grace in the aging process, and protection in thorns. ⁣ This nymph enjoys their body, in awe of the spectacle, curious about their position, but finding new ideas with each moment spent suspended upside-down. ⁣ This card often means: Wait and see, and indulge in this alternate view while you can. You see, as a Major Arcana card, The Hanged is covertly potent. It indicates that you are currently flowing through a period of grooming for an episode of more jarring importance. ⁣


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