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15 - The Devil Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana Card XV

Mother Tarot Deck: the Devil | by Wren McMurdo

The Devil in the Mother Tarot Deck knows you well, and it’s likely you know it well, too. The Devil, like God, is in the details. It’s built into our DNA and cellular makeup, waiting to be switched on with the slightest trigger. It is the forgotten and unforgotten trauma of this and past lives. It’s a tripwire for those who’ve taken no or little time to evaluate their own destructive tendencies; their programmed abusiveness or attraction to abuse; their attraction to danger.

The Devil is guiding the narcissistic parent—and also the codependent/empath parent. It breeds cognitive dissonance, inauthenticity, boiling rage, swallowed tears. It is the insidious methods applied by your caregivers that wind up destroying later relationships. It is the unbroken chain of familial trauma.

When this card shows up in a reading, claim power by claiming responsibility for only your own actions, and leave others to be responsible for theirs. Let anger be healthfully expressed and deemed “okay,” and let it also not negatively impact others. This is especially important for those still intimately tied to any toxicity within the lineage from whence they were raised.

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