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14 - Temperance Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana Card XIV

Temperance | Mother Tarot by Wren McMurdo Brignac

The Temperance card in the Mother Tarot Deck is about growing up, in a sense. It follows Death, and springs from gentle hope. Delayed gratification, moderation, self-control, and honest work are brought to mind. Slow and steady win due to sustainability. With help and faith, seeds grow to give fruit. ⁣ This night scene is indicative of the dream world, for much of our ability to integrate new knowledge and envision new offerings is accomplished during sleep. Rest, nourishment, and balance deserve attention now, and for a long span of time you are/will be building in these areas as you support your goals. ⁣ Watch the partying, but don’t go cold turkey. Take heed with vices. Notice the hobbling and bolstering effects of habits and make subtle adjustments over longer stretches of time. Focus on details, but not all at once. This is a lesson in being responsible for one's own happiness.

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