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  • Wren McMurdo Brignac

1 - The Magician Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana I

The Magician | Mother Tarot Deck by Wren McMurdo Brignac

There is space between the planting of the seed and the flowering of the bush, between the birth of an idea and it’s actualization, between dusk and dawn, between learning and demonstration.

It is within these gray areas that the Magician is at work.

Potential is space: space taken, space expanding, space existing. Allowing oneself to claim the space necessary to evolution is the mission of the Divine within.

The Magician arrives just after the Fool has taken first steps. Magic is in the enduring power of optimism, patience, and trust. Diving into the depths of intuition, even when those depths feel lonely, is magic.

Magicians make magic because they believe in that which “does not” (yet) exist.

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