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A Love + Relationship Tarot Card Reading

In tropical astrology, it's currently the full moon in Aries during Libra season of 2022 as I post this, and I'm feeling inspired to release a Tarot card reading I created for y'all, my dear readers.

Aries energy represents new beginnings, renewal, and passion. Libra energy revives beauty, opens the mind and heart, and provides balancing qualities. These energies can bring us power and balance as I dive into the Tarot with the intention to reveal areas that need attention or healing in our current or future romantic relationships.

This spread applies to all who discover it precisely when they do so. If you are looking for love, marriage, partnership, romance, a new beginning, a fresh perspective on your current union, or anything along those lines, you're in a positive place.

In this reading, I will look at the cards I've pulled and create a story narrative using my intuition and knowledge of the Tarot. I do this with the hopes that it may spark positive changes in your love life.

There are four separate piles of cards. Choose one pile as your primary pile of cards, and the other piles are your secondary piles of cards. All twelve cards in the reading will apply to your life in some way, but your primary pile of cards is more heavily weighted for you.

Watch here:

Thank you so much for watching!!!! May your relationships be wonderful.

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