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Dark Moon Musing: The Lovers - Yes and Yum

“There are only two mantras.  Yum and yuk. Mine is yum.”

-Bernard Mickey Wrangle, of Tom Robbins’ Still Life With Woodpecker

Love is a Yes dressed for The Occasion.  Makes you want to say it: YES. Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes to you in all your wild snare, your moon zooms, your razzle dazzle; yes to you in all your grey shades, your doom gloom, your frown sounds.  Yes because No has evaporated entirely, went to whatever lame party Assumption and Indifference trotted off to. Yes because your presence in the moment is required. Because it’s the password for the secret club.

The Lovers are, as the Woodpecker puts it, the ultimate outlaws.  They are experts of inquisition, trained in the subtle art of ever-evolving curiosity.  They exist outside all societal rules; they defy all cosmic laws of limitation. This pinnacle pair is in serious contextual collaboration.  Two separate solar systems, so bright on their own, have chosen to meet in the middle. Holy Venn diagram, the overlap is teeming.

There is no trapping them, because they’re always on the run.  Always adapting, emerging, envisioning. Who better to learn about growth from than this electric pair, wound up in the perpetual pendulum dance of change, expand, burst, retreat, regroup, re-ask, reveal, repeat?  Who better to pledge your unshakable quest for pleasure to, while you saunter into the saucy teeter of giving back as much as you receive?

The inventors of audacity, the Lovers encapsulate the sheer bravery, the searing boldness of being willing, open, even intent on sharing an inner life, of being fiercely present and in participation.  It takes guts to be a lover--of another person, of a muse, of a purpose—and it takes practice in self-reflection, self-understanding, and self-acceptance to share energy within a dynamic. It requires courage to embark with honesty into real and raw connections—which, inevitably bring us closer to the richness of mystery and divinity and aliveness whirling around us at all times.

So, when love knocks on your door, will you crack it cautiously? or fling it off the hinges?  When love comes to play, will you get coy? or suggest a game of truth or dare? When love shifts shapes, gets blue, clams up, when it bursts at its seams, when it cannot contain itself, when it clamors, when it coos, when it whimpers--will you greet it? exactly as it is?

These are the questions the Lovers are asking, and they’re curious—will that be a Yes, or, a Yum?


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