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Ripping the Bandage Off (When Ready) - Dissecting the Eight of Swords

I asked the deck a question and pulled a right-tipped Eight of Swords tarot card from the Dark Days Tarot deck.

Upon pulling the card, I flip to its corresponding page in the Dark Days Tarot Guidebook, written by Emily Mundy. She writes that the eight of swords represents “feelings of self-imprisonment, worry, and mental isolation.” If you’ve been spending as much time alone as I have this winter, then this sentence may speak to your reality.

The Eight of Swords tarot card suggests these changes will allow us to face fears that are standing in the way of your personal righteousness. It's chance to stand emboldened by a truthful revelation, however painful the lifting of the veil may be.

Your spirit guides may take the form of activated fears. Let them be epiphanous. What could be revealed about you or those close to you that may shake your place on earth? How can you take responsibility for that?

For pondering's sake, lean into any hermit-type tendencies when this card is pulled. Take a warrior’s stroll, a moonlit run, or respectfully visit the graveyard and be with those who rest with earth. Place bare skin to earth; feet or hands are good. Be with earth and the depth that she is, letting truth come. Be with what is so in this regard.

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