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Leo-Inspired Tarot Cards

The Ace of Wands aids in turning trauma into creativity.

This blue supermoon lunar eclipse in Leo will heighten femme magic in a most lustrous way. It will allow us to begin reaping the rewards of any spells cast during the solar eclipse we observed this past August. Rest assured this full moon is emboldening you to make powerful healing strides.

I created Dark Days Tarot in honor of the dark days of the lunar cycle. When I learned about the moon's influence on bodies of water including my own, my mind was blown open by that magic. I felt I had been given celestial permission to express my feelings, especially when the moon’s energy is heavier; when we are more apt to confront ourselves in sometimes emotionally challenging ways.

The Queen of Cups holds femme energy sacred while channeling creative and destructive forces.

In the world and media, femme consciousness has been on the rise. Storytelling too, as is bold communication. #Metoo is a spell of power cast by femmes. BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Asha Bendele released the incredible #blacklivesmatter memoir, When They Call You a Terrorist, breaking hearts wide open far and wide with the power of truth.

Tarot card reading involves, to a large degree, reading the world around us. We ingest the vibrations of the collective consciousness like we do shifts in the lunar cycle: subtly, profoundly, in our dreams, in our interactions with others, even hermetic witches feel the spells cast by human consciousness.

As the voices of femmes in the media and around me sound out against sexually traumatic advances, I’m going through the realization that I have my own #metoo wounds. As a very young person I thought time would heal all wounds, and thusfar I’ve found that some pain can never fully be buried. It must be faced, embraced and utilized as creative energy.

The Hanged represents patience. Some healing is a practice and not a destination.

During August’s eclipse, I held a funeral for my teenage self from when I suffered from an eating disorder. In the weirdly dim light of that tepid morning in Seattle, I held a private, silent ritual for her in the backyard. I’m energetically revisiting that experience in unexpected ways during this full moon. It's been challenging. As I said, some pain cannot be buried completely. This moon is illuminating a source of that disorder, which is something I wasn't able to see before now.

Often I don’t feel like sharing myself with others when I'm in pain, though I do need soothing. I can trust my Tarot deck. The cards provide a healing bouquet of characters and symbols for my grasping psyche to cling to, letting my intuition and psychic abilities take flight. The cards elevate me and offer the guidance I’m so often wishing for when I’m in despair.

The Seven of Cups reminds me of the pleasure and power of creative projection, and the Page of Cups is offering sacred friendship as I traverse uncharted emotional waters.

Pull two cards for a relationship spread, only this relationship is between two aspects of yourself. Let the cards' characters act as stewards, ushering you through this spell. As always, journaling during readings adds incredible value to the ritual. Never feel ashamed to go the cards when you need them. It is my desire that Dark Days Tarot be a soul-feeding tool, especially for femmes, during moments of spiritual need.

Speaking of relationships, if you and a friend or loved one both need decks this V-day, take advantage of the Sacred Pair Twin Deck Special.

Enjoy the ride of this soul-expanding moon ~


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