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4 - The Emperor Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana IV

As it turns out, money does grow on trees.

It’s true for the Emperor, who understands that wealth is many things. Clean trees, fresh air, potable water, land to respect, friendship, kindness, and food to feed the family are some examples. 

This king knows that there is such a thing as too much, that overgrowth can hide the light, and that coin and development are less important than communal harmony and unity. 

Health is certainly wealth, it’s true. It’s also true that health isn’t limited to our own. We are healthiest when we are all cared for, which is why staying healthy can feel so elusive. It’s easy to leave “others” behind, and thus, a part of ourselves.

We can chase and work and save and serve with vigor and endurance, but we will always be working as one, like it or not. The show is only as good as its weakest performer. 

The Emperor understands that being wealthy means being a leader. The wealthier the king, the more responsibilities she has to distribute that wealth so that the entire community thrives. That is what makes the emperor truly happy and content. 

When the Emperor from the Mother Tarot Deck shows up in your reading, you have wealth to distribute. What gifts have you been given? Whether you worked to earn your wealth matters not. Spread it out!

This card can also represent another being or group that you may need 

 for assistance. 


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