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Knight of Cups Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card

The Knight of Cups in the Mother Tarot Deck is about finding inspiration in the unknown. When in a space of allowing, our souls can connect to inspiration. This is why writers and artists crave experience: there is risk involved in diving in, but it’s mostly worth it.

We are made of water for the most part. It’s our home before birth and our temple in life. This sacred element creates and feeds the miracle of being. It covers most of the globe, and connects us all.

There is faith to be found in flow. There is comfort. There is floating. There is sinking and seeing. There is fear involved in vulnerability and yet this vulnerability is exactly what leads to growth, connection and change.

This card is an invitation from the love affair you flirt with, the ideas making your bones ache, your craving for that which is larger than you and also encompasses you. Let go, and let God. Open the floodgates already.



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