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Page of Wands Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card

Look no further than the Page of Wands for divine inspiration. This cutie’s flirtatious nature is attractive for a reason. She knows she is an essential part of the universe, and you are, too. 

What you appreciate grows. Smile at the sun and he beams brighter. Smell the daisies and they’ll show off their petals. Hold someone’s hand to find reciprocal love in their grasp. 

This Page doesn’t expect you to cry no tears, feel no pain, or struggle with nothing. That is not the nature of this universe. She is simply always there for you. Your tears are hers. Your pain, she feels. The miracle lies in her unconditional love, her undying faith in your potential—no matter your success or failures. She trusts your creative process, and trust begets trust. 

Should you feel the hardening of false optimism, the dull feeling of disengagement, or the scourge of inner judgment, turn to sources of empathy. Trees are huggable, don't forget. Your struggle makes room for your ease. Your loss makes room for refilling. There will always be room for the universe to breathe.


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