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Five of Pentacles Meaning - Mother Tarot Minor Arcana Card #5

There are cracks in this reality. 

Follow your gut, as they say. But what if your gut were trained like an algorithm, programmed to become an echo chamber within? 

This is actually true of the digestive system. Whatever you eat, you crave more of. If the gut informs the brain (which it does), then our actions and outlook are informed by hunger, and also that which we have been consuming and therefore are trained to seek. The Five of Cups invites you to take care of and balance your gut before using it to judge anything.

This Five encourages trust in your inner voice, yes, but place more emphasis on the imbalances you’re being informed about. The four pentacles within this figure’s gut may symbolize hunger, loneliness, tiredness, and/or anger. Any and all of these states will contribute to the gut-mind disharmony, thus lending negativity to our experience of life. The four are linked, indicating the connection between them.

The figure in this image is moving forward without checking in along the way to determine if their own needs are met properly. A companion follows protectively as a reminder that what feels real now may not seem as real once balance has returned.

As an odd numbered card, this Five will show up repeatedly throughout life, if not on a daily basis then certainly a regular one. Alter your inner reality appropriately so as to better inform yourself of the world around.

The pentacle in the background is a solution that cannot be seen or accessed when passersby are blinded by their lack of self-care.


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