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20 - Judgement Card Meaning - Mother Tarot Major Arcana XX

We’re all going somewhere. Just as our lungs fill with air as we sleep and our hearts flutter and beat in the womb, our souls reach for the stars all on their own.

Life isn’t about strength as much as suppleness, for that is more true of our nature. We are blessed with a cellular body that is anything but resilient in the end. It is our fate to surrender to our multiversal Mother.

The Judgement card in the Mother Tarot lands when you have reached a level of maturity that has eased your fear of death. Alternatively, it appears when you need to face your deepest fear and dare to be your brightest star-stuff self before you leave for the beyond, whenever that may be.

To Mother, you have served your purpose, always. The only judgement that haunts you, in the end, is your own, of you. Life is long. What is left to do, say, think, be? And honestly, what is there to judge?


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